Get yoga strong part 2

Are you ready to get yoga strong? I’m back with three more days of strength. Please follow the instructions and videos below, if you have any questions just leave a comment. I will get back at you as soon as possible.

Gym Uppsala Yoga strong

Day 4 High lunge to Warrior lll:

Ok, let’s get into today’s drill High lunge to warrior lll. Back to legs and believe me, these set of movements are a bit deceiving, they look easy, but they are not so easy.  So start in high lunge (from down dog step your right foot forward in between your hands). Rise up, palms facing each other and back heel in line with your toes, yes, get as high as possible with the back foot.

Inhale here and as you exhale start to send your chest down, hovering from your thigh and your arms forward, down and back as you lift the back foot into a warrior lll shape. Inhale as you send your back foot into high lunge again. And then just keep going.

Things to consider:

  • Slow and mindful movements, like a ninja, no sound as you move.
  • Hover your chest from you thigh before lifting the back foot, hips in line when you arrive in warrior 3 and back foot flexed.
  • In high lunge back heel always as high as possible on top of your toes.

And that’s it, it’s simple today, 2 sets of 10 times on each side. 

Day 5 L-sit:

Today you need 2 blocks, books, whatever does the trick for you.
Start on the floor, legs together, flex your feet and bring your blocks forward from your hips (not in line with the hips), somewhere in between your knees and hips. Round your spine, engage the legs, pull everything in and up (mula bandha) and lift your legs off the floor into an L-sit shape.

Then cross your legs, flex your feet and send your feet through the blocks to come to a crossed legged lolasana shape. If you get stocked there, then you have to walk, drag your feet or simple reposition your legs into your lolasana.

Hold your lolasana a bit, then you can land down, take a breath, round the spine and lift into lolasana again. Send your feet through your arms and find your floating L-sit before landing down (if you get stocked, then walk your feet forward or just reposition yourself, but DON’T get frustrated) This is where you get yoga strong.

Work in this one as much as you can, you decide how many, these are hard ones, but you can do it! Then at the end add some L-sit without blocks. If you can’t lift, then do what we did on day 2, lift the hips and keep your heels on the floor.

Things to consider: Engage the legs, suck your stomach in and up, engage your pelvic floor as you lift into L-sit but keep your breath.

Day 6

Today’s move is Turbo dog to Upward dog.
Start in dowdog, look forward toward your hands and start to squeeze your elbows towards each other as you lower your elbows towards the floor (without touching the floor). Elbows move in, not out. Think biceps forward, triceps back.

If this is enough for you, stay here and work on your turbo dog. If you are ready for more, as you lower your elbows (hovering from the floor) keep looking forward and send the chest forward to slide yourself through into upward facing dog. Keep your toes tucked and from here you start working on the negative. Start to squeeze your elbows towards each other as you bend your arms and slide the chest back through turbo dog to down dog.

Things to consider: elbows in, in, in, not out. The way back might be the most difficult for you, knees down is always a possibility, no shame on knees down ever!