Handstand workshop

Handstand workshop nybörjare på Hot Yoga Uppsala

11/9 & 18/9 kl 11:00 – 13:00

Handstand workshop nybörjare



Welcome to a two day handstand workshop nybörjare where we will explore the basic drills, steps and tools to develop a handstand practice.


This workshop is open for everyone, yogis, dancers, athletes, crossfitters as long as you want to learn how to get on your hands and find the balance while being upside down.


It is a level 1 workshop, perfect for beginners, it doesn’t matter if have never been on your hands. It’s a perfect way to develop new skills and right form if you can already balance for a few seconds. Handstands require lots of strength, not just on your hands and wrists, but in your shoulders and core. We will brake the workshop in two Sundays to give you a chance to go home and train what you learned for the next weekend.


You will learn drills as:

– Warming up your wrists and shoulders.

– Flexibility for your hamstrings and hips.

– Strength exercises for your whole body to support your handstand practice.

– Using the wall to find right alignment.

– Jumping up to handstand in the middle of the room.

– Falling in a safe way.


The workshop is taught by Lizette Pompa.

She has been practicing yoga for nine years and teaching for six. She is a handstand and inversion enthusiast and loves to be upside down.

Handstands are an empowering practice and it takes just that, practice.

If you are interested in more workshops like this please send Lizette an email at lizette@uppsalahotyoga.se or keep checking Lizette’s or Hot Yoga Uppsala’s Facebook for latest news. We always make an event if we have a workshop of any kind so to make sure you don’t miss anything that is going on you can subscribe to our events. See you soon!

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