Sidokråka – Parsva bakasana

Parsva bakasana Lizette pompa yoga Uppsala

Side cage – Parsva

A challenging poor balance. Be sure to be properly heated before giving practicePractice(especially that you have warmed your wrists and spine.


  1. Squat with your legs and feet together.
  2. Put your hands in the carpet just behind the hips and lean back.
  3. Inhale while compressing your legs and lifting your left arm straight up.
  4. Exhale while turning the torso to the right, move the left arm down and put the left shoulder toward the right knee.
  5. Place your hands so that they are hip-width apart in the mat on the outside of the right hip.
  6. Spread your fingers and adjust the position of your hands so that your index fingers are parallel and point forward.
  7. Lift the heels off the carpet and balance on the toes. Lean forward and place the outside of the left knee toward the left tricep.
  8. Bend slightly on the arms and put the weight forward to the hands.
  9. Lift your hips up to the right. Press the outside of the right knee towards the left tricep and lift the feet as high as possible.towards the left tricep and the feet as high as possible.
  10. Straighten the left arm but keep the right arm slightly bent.
  11. Fasten your eyes forward. Keep the bag under some calm, conscious breaths.
  12. When you want to get out of the bag you breathe out, bend your arms and put your feet on the floor with control. Place your hands in the carpet in front of your knees. Do the same on the other side.inthe carpet in front of your knees. Do the same on the other side.


  1. Make sure to put as much weight in both hands. To achieve this, press the circumference of the palms and the fingertips into the carpet.
  2. Roll your shoulders back.
  3. Squeeze knees and ankles together.
  4. Try to keep your knees tight in line. The upper knee tends to move forward.
  5. Move the upper hip back. Turn the stomach away from the legs.
  6. Activate the root lock by engaging the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles.
  7. If you want to reduce the pressure on the wrists, you can have the lower part of the palm slightly higher than the knuckles and fingers, for example by placing knuckles and fingers outside the mat.
  8. If you still get hurt in your wrists, you can have your arms bent through the entire position. Then make sure the elbows are straight above the wrists and reduce the angle of the arms.

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