Ingrid Wahlberg

In 2012, a naprapath recommended I try Bikram yoga, given the pain in my lumbar region. Almost 5 years later, I’m well and truly hooked!
My lumbar region feels much better. Nowadays, I don’t think about it so much, whereas 5 years ago I could hardly sit still because of the pain. Back then, I preferred to stand or walk about.

The first time in the heat I thought: “You’re mad, it’s impossible to bend your body like that unless you’re an acrobat!” But you learn slowly and steadily and become more and more flexible. I think it’s fantastic that I once again, at the age of 56, can do a bridge. Yoga is no quick fix, but make a habit out of it (and it is a highly entertaining one), practice 3-4 times/week and you too will fall for this “sport”. Go to the different classes; they will each develop your practice in different ways. It is more fun to be able to lift one’s bodyweight than to lift weights at the gym.