Triathlon and yoga

”The yoga studio next door has some great offers on introductory memberships right now. Let’s try it out!”

That’s more or less what my husband told me in November 2013, and since then I’ve been practicing regularly here at Hot Yoga Uppsala.

I mostly practice endurance sports, and for me, triathlon is the ultimate sport! However, hours of running and cycling do not produce the most flexible or well-balanced body. Injuries are not uncommon, and I always end up suffering from some exercise-related ailment or pain. I was curious about whether Bikram Yoga could contribute something positive to me and my body, as a sort of prehab, perhaps?

Yes, I can honestly say that Bikram Yoga met all my expectations. Extremely physically demanding, mentally developing, nothing for weaklings, yet at the same time something for everyone! I was in a mild state of shock after my first class. Gosh! The instructor talked to no end about pulling, pushing, bending and flexing; LOCK YOUR KNEE. The sweat was literally pouring, making it impossible to keep hold of any body part. The effort to keep track of the dialogue was enormous. The feeling afterward was, “I have got to do this again!”

It is hard to put into words what yoga has done for me, both for my body and my mind. The largest change has been the one to my body: the stiffness in my neck and shoulders disappeared almost immediately, and I have new flexibility and balance in my body, as well as much improved mobility in all my joints. The mental change is not as noticeable, but it is becoming a bigger part of my life the longer I practice

Every class gives me the opportunity to drop everything that’s irrelevant and focus solely on the here and now. A moment when I don’t have to think about anything other than breathing and following the instructor’s words. I thought it sounded a bit funny when I first heard it, but it’s actually true. All you need to do in the studio is: breathe, breathe, breathe!