Vinyasa Uppsala

Vinyasa Uppsala

Vinyasa is working in Uppsala. I wanted to write a post to thank you all for being so amazing and supporting with our vinyasa classes, we are so happy that you like them and that you are more and more eager to come and practice. We started with 2 classes and week, then 3 and now 5-6 a week. It feels good to increase the amount of classes due to the response we have gotten. Lisette and Jennifer will still be teaching in English and Sandra and Marita in Swedish


We have three classes during the week days (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings) and I have decided to make them with different focus. Wednesdays will be more focus on strength and Thursdays will be more focus on balance and flexibility. This way you know that you are getting different work during these days and that on Wednesdays you will get my crazy strength drills. Not on Thursdays. Friday mornings we will do more of a free flow and see what happens. Best way to start the day is with a little bit of Vinyasa flow right? Saturday morning and Vinyasa + Core every second Sunday

Level 2

I was also very happy to see so many of you on Tuesday at the Vinyasa level 2 class. Remember that you can come and try it, many of you who often come to the vinyasa classes have asked if you can come and try it, do it! We will be focusing on deeper work, you will come further on your yoga practice, always following what feels good with you and your body. We are always here to help you, ask if you have questions, we are always hanging in reception after class.

If you would like to practice more of something leave a comment and let us know!



Vinyasa Uppsala