Handstand workshop

450 kr

Slut i lager

Handstand workshop 15 oktober  11:00-14:00

This is a level 1 workshop where we will go through different drills such a:

– Warming up your wrists and shoulders.
– Hamstring flexibility.
– Strength exercises for your whole body to support your handstand practice.
– Using the wall to find right alignment.
– Jumping up to handstand in the middle of the room.
– Falling on a safe way.

The workshop is taught by Lizette Pompa.
She is a handstand and inversion enthusiast and loves to be upside down.

Handstands are an empowering practice and it takes just that, practice.

Spaces are limited and workshop will be held in Swenglish 🙂

30% rabatt för årskort.  coupong code ”handstand”