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Welcome to Hot Yoga Uppsala!

Here you can yoga in English

At Hot Yoga Uppsala, anyone can practice yoga, no matter how much or how little experience you’ve got as a yogi. Our sustainable studio in Tuna backar offers several different classes ranging from calm and meditative Yin Yoga to tough and meditative Bikram Yoga (check out our schedule to see exactly what we offer), and there are several different levels of varying temperatures in between to try! Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors will guide you and help you throughout the class. We believe that yoga should be fun and challenging. Yoga in English with us.  English yoga classes are now taught by Lizette, Linnea and Jennifer.


Getting started

It’s also really easy getting started:  Just go to our web shop.  and choose the card you like and register your details and pay with your debitcard. If you are new to studio you can buy the 14 day introduction to start with and you can book 5 classes try out and see if hot yoga is something for you. Once you have purchased your card you can download our app from wondr and log in with your details and password you choosed. Now you can book the class you want to attend to.


We offer the highest number of stand-alone, instructor-led hot yoga classes in Uppsala, so you’ll really just need to take your pick! But if you like courses, we’ve got a few of those each term too. And workshops. And themed classes.


Our yoga

Yoga is a great way to exercise, partly because it’s an all-round practice, partly because you exercise both body and mind. You get strength and flexibility with Bikram Yoga, Fierce Grace Yoga, Hatha Flow and Vinyasa Flow, stamina with Bikram Yoga, and deep flexibility and relaxation with Yin Yoga. Each of these yoga forms also encourages you to let go of everything outside the studio. If you don’t focus on the poses (asanas) in Bikram and Vinyasa, you won’t be able to maintain them. You need to be present in the here-and-now, which means that you can let go of day-to-day planning and problem-solving and let your mind rest in the asanas.


Won the title ”The yoga place to be”

It seems like our current yoga students feel at home in our studio, since we were nominated to and won the title of “Årets yogahäng” (“the yoga place to be”) in the magazine Yoga för dig (“Yoga for you”)! Motivation: “Hot Yoga Uppsala is an oasis with a warm and friendly atmosphere that stands out.” We are very proud of this, and hope you will feel that warm atmosphere too. See you in the heat!