Keeping up with your yoga-practice

Keeping up with your yoga-practice


I often get asked how much I practice. I always answer the truth, I practice almost everyday. But to practice everyday doesn’t necesarly mean that I practice a set amount of time each time I step on my mat. That varies from day to day. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to practice a whole 60 minutes for and by myself. Sometimes it gets divided among many 10 minutes stretches here and there. Sometimes 10 minutes is all I get.



Find time for yourself

The priority for me is to find time to be on my mat, for how long doesn’t really matter. At least it doesn’t really matter at this stage of my life. I have two daughters craving time and attention, I teach, I run a studio and sometimes it gets really hard to find time for myself, but I have to, to me it’s not an option, it’s like brushing my teeth, if I skip my practice I feel terrible.


So my point is… Get on your mat, dare to step on it and let your body do what feels right. When you are alone you will most probably end up doing what you body needs from you. Do a few Sun salutations and then start moving through those postures your body is craving, it doesn’t matter which ones, it doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t have a clue, I promise you, you will feel better afterwards. You don’t have to plan a whole sequence with different postures, sometimes I spend 60 minutes just in one of two postures, specially when I focus on backbends, some postures require time and care so take your time and take care of those postures, see how it feels to stay longer, to breathe on them, to go deeper. You will suprise yourself, I promise you that.

Your practice is yours, keep up with it

/Lizette <3



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