Intuitive Movement: Yogis Without Borders

Come and use your body together with Lauren and Daniel in this one time only vinyasa class called Intuitive Movement, it will be something special for sure.
Intuitive Movement: Yogis Without Borders
Lauren & Daniel
Don’t worry about how you yoga practice looks. Bring awareness to how it feels. Move freely at your own pace from a place of intuition and trust, without judgement or expectation. Lauren and Daniel co-lead an intuitive sequence designed in the moment, inspiring practitioners to create unique asanas based on personal experience. Choose your own adventure with each new opportunity for flow! This ”vinyasa” masterclass is a delightful challenge for yogis of all levels to connect with playful new patterns of movement!
This class is only included in yearly memberships. If you want have any other card you have to buy the class in our webbshop 
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One time only Vinyasa class