Vinyasa fundamentals

Vinyasa fundamentals

The word vinyasa comes from the Sanskrit term nyasa, meaning ‘to place’ and the prefix vi, meaning ‘in a special way’. In vinyasa yoga, the body moves in sync with the breath, creating fluid and smooth movements, known as “flow”

In this mini workshop we go through the ABC’s of vinyasa, you are in the right place!

We will focus on the concept of ujaayi breath, review postures like downward facing dog, warrior l, warrior ll, high lunge, plank pose, chaturanga and sun salutations. We will have time to break each posture down for you to understand how to move through a vinyasa class on a safe and confident way, plus we get time for answers and questions.


Workshop ingår för årskortsmedlemmar

250kr alla andra

No previous experience needed. This workshop is open for everyone who is eager to learn a little bit more about the practice.

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4:e Mars 15:00 - 18:00